essence of tango love

Hotel & Venue

Accommodation in Deluxe Rooms on BB basis

Room type

Single Deluxe Room

Double Deluxe Room

Special Rate

90 EUR / daily

110 EUR / daily

  • The above-mentioned rates include overnight, breakfast, VAT (5%), tourist tax, spa and gym entrance.
  • The guests are going to be accomodated in Deluxe Rooms with free coffee/tea/water facilities.
  • The given prices are net, and are not a subject to agency commission.

We would like to inform you that you can make a reservation at skopjesales@limakhotels.com with hint TANGO MARATHON.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.



The Venue

  • Located on the rooftop of the hotel with stunning panoramic view of the city.
  • Unique 100m2 of wooden floor.
  • 1st class air quality, and air conditioning system.
  • 3D surround music ambient and service that takes splendor to new heights.


For Marathon attendance a stay in Limak Luxury Hotel is NOT necessary!


Full Pass

Domestic dancers

Foreign dancers

Emotions Tango Marathon will be hosting 120 participants & will be gender balanced.

37 hours of dancing emotions. Wonderful hospitality.


Are you in love with Tango?
If yes, please come and share it with us!
If not, you are more than welcome to meet your love tango!

Find the essence of tango love and create unforgettable memories.
17 years of accumulated emotions in Skopje will surround your body and soul.
Our tango community will share the key of tango infinity.

City Skopje

A city so eclectic and amazingly entertaining, offering travelers a place where culture, tradition and modern mix into a perfect, unforgettable blend.
It is a cultural kaleidoscope run wild, what it is. The urban dynamic life, the cultural heritage, tradition passed forward in a very appealing way, the mix of old and new, urbanism and nature.

About us

Association for the Affirmation of Argentinian Tango in North Macedonia
"Academia Tangom".
ATM has been organizing regular tango classes, weekend seminars, and tango parties since 2014.
The biggest generator of new tango dancers and enjoyers in the local community.


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